Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good tidings!

A peek at the holiday cards I've been working on :)

And guess what!

My dad gave me a camera! It's not new or super fancy, but he got it for a good price at a garage sale and he already has a camera... not sure why he even bought this one. Lucky me! It's a Nikon and is working out really well so far!

I bought the stripped top at Zara, downtown San Francisco. It's actually the first thing I've ever bought at Zara! I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Seattle is a Zara-free zone :(

As good as Zara's stuff looks (the designers are amazing, really) I was a little surprised at the quality. Half the the clothes I brought into the dressing room had busted zippers or were already splitting at the seams. You can't see it on the top, but the sleeve openings are actually two different sizes. I guess they spend all their production money on design and quality fabrics (wool, silk, etc.), but then skimp on assembly. Still wouldn't mind having one here in Seattle, though.

It's good to be back :)

In these photos:
United Colors of Benetton coat
Zara top
Forever21 skirt
Vintage fur stole
Vintage bracelet
Xhiliration flats


Anaivilo said...

That skirt is so feminine and beautiful! And I love the way you mixed it with that striped top :D Gorgeous ;)

Kirstin said...

I find this to be true with Zara too, you can either get an amazing quality item or the thing will fall apart in two seconds. I find this especially true with their sales, the stuff is all broken! I bought a coat there on sale on boxing day and the zipper broke quickly after, I am now still wearing it with only the belt doing it up. Sad...


I never knew that about Zara clothes but thanks for the information because I see a lot of people wear their clothes. I thought there quality was great when it came to the fabric. They are just so expensive.

Collette Osuna said...

Happy to see you hunnie!!! The skirt is can definitely wear this little baby through all the seasons:)

Congrats on the camera...funny, sometimes the ones that dont cost an arm and a leg are the easiest to use:)

Happy Sunday!!

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Vera said...

lovely skirt! You look beautiful :)

katherine said...

i love this jacket, and that shirt with that skirt is so cute.
i loved the card we got. your always so talented.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is adorable!

Caroline Susanto said...

lovely cards ^^ btw, I love your outer :D looks so warm and comfy. You also have a really nice Dad ^^


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