Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Look of the Day: rose geranium

I've come to realize that I don't always write the most engaging blog posts. There's just never a lot to comment on or reply to. Mostly it's just my personality. I'm not a very conversational person, which mostly comes from shyness and a busy brain; I just can't put the words together in a coherent way. Of course, there's also my complete disregard for the rules of writing. Another part of it, though, is that I don't want to write too much about myself or my problems, because I'm afraid of coming off as self-centered or over-dramatic. The problem with that is that personal issues and life events are usually the most relatable topics. The trick is to find a balance.

On the other hand, it could just be that many readers are like me and love just looking! To all of you who visit my blog, whether you leave comments or not, THANK YOU! Thank you for giving me the time of day. I hope I inspire you the way I am inspired by this amazing community :)

I finally found the perfect pair of flats. I'm just so excited to have found these, I thought I should write a review.
I had nearly forgotten about the pair of Mia flats I owned a while ago. They were my favorite shoes. So comfortable, so flattering, and they went with everything. I wore them till they fell apart (and way past the time my friend Ellen started telling me to throw them away). Well, I was browsing Zappos a couple weeks ago and happened to see this pair, the Limited Edition Audrey Flats, in the sea of black flats in the search results.
They are the perfect black flats. Soft, flexible, real leather, they fit my custom orthotics, and are affordable! Actually, right now they're on sale! Zappos has two colors (black and tan), but I've seen them in other colors on Endless.com.

Sheer Forever21 dress (similar) - Mia Limited Edition Audrey Flats - J.Crew jersey cardigan (similar) - Vintage Coach purse


Dyn said...

Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a cute blog, mind to follow each other? :)


Thrifted Shift said...

Your new shoes sound great! And your bag is such a classic, I love it! I'm also a sucker for flowers, so your first photo made my brain happy. Have a great day!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Nice post! I relate to what you mean about writing "engaging posts."

Love your vintage coach purse...love that this is coming back into style!



Ashley said...

Who says your content isn't good? I like your content! I don't want to read about people's problems when I look at fashion blogs. The world has enough problems. Fashion is the perfect escape, and I prefer those who keep it that way =).

Unknown said...

love this! followed you on gfc and bloglovin, hope you can follow back! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

Unknown said...

Oh Ashley, you always leave such nice, thoughtful comments. Thanks for being more than a reader :) You're a true internet friend, haha.

You made a really good point. Even if I was completely a lifestyle blog, it would probably make more sense to focus on only the happy, "perfect" moments, because that's what people want for their own lives :)

citizen rosebud said...

You are absolutely adorable, and relateable for that matter. I don't see the shyness, just a thoughtful resserve. Yep many of my fave style bloggers don't write that much- what's the saying? Picture = 1000 words, yadda yadda, yadda.

Maria V @SoNailicious said...

Your content is absolutely fine darling! Love your quirky style with a twist too.

Have a lovely week!

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