Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer-to-Fall: 1 Maxi 2 Ways

I'm divided right now. 
Do I let go of summer and embrace Fall in all it's layered glory, or do I soak up the last of these sunny days? Living in Seattle, it seems silly and wasteful to start donning caps or scarves when it's still in the 70s. No need to rush into that 9 months of clouds we have ahead of us!

Nevertheless, I'm still excited for Fall. I've been finding some amazing sweaters and scarves at garage sales, and I'm kind of excited to wear them. Especially the J.Crew cashmere turtleneck I got for $17 (that's like 92% off the original price)! This mix of guilt and excitement has inspired me to try my hand at transitioning Summer pieces for Fall. It's a good way to get more use out of seasonal items. For instance, this yellow chevron maxi dress from Gap. I found it on clearance for $17 (sorry the dress at the link I posted below isn't as cheap!) and was worried it wouldn't carry over into the next season, but I've found ways to make it work.

1. Casual/Work
seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut
 I always want to wear loads of black and grey in the Fall and Winter, but by the time January rolls around I've got fashion-induced depression. I've made it a goal this year to make color a part of my wardrobe year-round. It can seem tricky, but remember that most "Fall" colors are neutrals and go quite well with brights.

seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut
 A cropped sweater keeps the skirt looking long and lean. For extra warmth, layer maxi dresses and maxi skirts over leggings. No one will even know you're wearing them!

2. Fancy/Event
seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut
 Try some lush layers and textures to add some drama, as well as warmth, to any outfit. Here I'm wearing vintage fur and an oversized cardigan that my husband hates, haha. It's so thick, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to wear it as a coat this winter.

seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut
 A great thing about maxi length dresses & skirts is that you don't need to wear heels. That means, whether you're walking around at Fashion's Night Out or dancing the night away, you'll be comfortable.

seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut
 Again, neutral colors keeps this texture-loaded look from getting too wild.

seattle street style, blonde, summer, fashion, maxi dress, fleur d'elise, pixie cut, madewell, jewelry
 Don't forget to add a bit more glam with some jewelry. Don't overload, though. Do earrings or bracelets, but not both.

GAP chevron maxi dress - H&M blazer - Vintage sweater - Handemade circle scarf - Vintage leather satchel (similar) - Madewell Meshbound Earrings - Thrifted cat eye sunglasses - Thrifted wool cardigan (similar) - Gap clutch - Chloe flats - Vans Classics



Anni said...

Love how you've styled both looks but the second blows my mind. Luxe + sporty graphic prints don't sound like they would work but it kind of looks amazing in your look.


lola said...

I saw that dress in gap the other day... Wow great styling!x

MarieStella said...

i adore both outfits!! love the blazer and bag on the first one so much!! yellow looks great on you!!

Bella Q said...

I am so loving your style, Catie! Both ways look so chic- and now I may try a maxi. I'll credit you and Vix of the Vintage Vixen for the motivation to rock one like this. xo. -Bella Q

Terri said...

You make transitions look so easy. I think I'm still stuck in summer and I love that first look, a lot.

The Love Hanger said...

I really love both of these looks and I definitely want to try that first one this fall! And I think we are seriously thinking the same thing because I almost wrote your exact 1st paragraph on one of my upcoming blog posts. It's hard right now deciding when to embrace "fall". :) <3


Aleksandra said...

I love your oversized coat !!!


Claire Tyler said...

great styling :) its great to see how summer clothes can still be worn when it gets colder! xx


barefootandvintage said...

oh so GOOD! that maxi is perfect - so many styling options.

Andria R. said...

I lurve these outfits. That dress looks great on you




Jennifer Booth said...

I really love both of these looks! The top one especially makes you look really tall and slender, and I love the bright yellow pattern tucked beneath the layers for fall.

I'm the exact opposite when it comes to seasons - I find summer depressing, and I can't wait for fall and winter! Most days, we're still well above 90 degrees, and I'm crazy jealous of your 70s. Wanna trade? ;)


Ashley said...

Expert advice Catie! I like the work look a whole lot. Speaking of work and maxis, I wear leggings under my maxis at work all the time because it's always freezing, and you're absolutely right...no one ever knows.

Statements in Fashion said...

LOVE LOVE them both!!

Thrifted Shift said...

Oh my goodness, you look like a freaking GODDESS in the fancy styling!

Ania Kot said...

lovely outfit!

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