Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blogger's Tool Kit: 4 must-haves & a giveaway


BLOGGER TOOL KIT by fleur-d-elise on Polyvore

Here's a short list of the basic items in my "blogger's tool kit". They all help me stay organized and encourage the flow of ideas.

1. Notebooks & Pens
I keep a notebook and pens with me so I can write down post ideas or make notes on things I read in magazines.

2. Page Markers
Great for marking pages in those huge September issues! This set from Semikolon comes with page markers in 12 different colors; perfect for color coding! You can also write on them.

3. Calling Cards
These are so important! They're key to promoting your blog and networking. You can make them yourself or order a custom set. Pixelimpress on Etsy has some great options at a reasonable price (50 cards for $25).

4. Magazine Subscriptions
I treat these like textbooks. Actually, better than textbooks. I actually read them! A couple times a week, I pack up my "tool kit" and the latest issues of Vogue and Bazaar and head to a cafe to "study". If you're not a fan of the traditional magazines, like Vogue, I would recommend Nylon, PaperMag, or Lumiere.

And now for the giveaway!
I have two (2!) prizes this time! 

How to enter:

2. Leave a comment telling me which prize you prefer +1

3. Tweet about the giveaway +1

Make sure you check off each entry on the Rafflecopter Widget below! If you don't, I won't be able to count your entries.

Sorry, the giveaway is only open to U.S. and Canadian residents. Postage is too expensive :(


Unknown said...

Now this notebook is PEFECT:

The very definition of an academia/journal/writing nerd.

Selina said...

Prize #1 is fabulous!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Oops I didn't see it was US/Canada only. Disregard ;) Also, I could be mistaken but was your photo a link on the Independent Fashion Bloggers mail out today? I think it was linking to an interview with the Sartorialist.

lily white english rose said...

the dotty notebook is so cute :D great giveaway!

Mary said...

Love the polka dot notebook! Thank you!

Cooki said...

I like this black-white notebook. Love your giveaway! :)

Cooki said...

@Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit ohh sorry, now I read this comment and I'm not from US/Canada too ;(

Forever Memories Photography said...

I love prize number 1
Joye barr

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