Friday, September 7, 2012

What I Wore: FNO in Seattle

seattle street style, fleur d'elise, in style, fno, fashion, blonde, pixie cut

I'm gonna be honest, Seattle really needs to work on its FNO. Fashion's Night Out is about encouraging people to come out and support local businesses, which seems right in-line with the Seattle lifestyle (we're all about shopping local), but every year the participation is lacking and the coverage is mediocre. Half the time I can't even find information on going's-on for the current year and a lot of the articles I read only mention a couple events or store promotions. One store I went into, which was supposed to be participating, had balloons on the door and that was it. There were no promotions, no refreshments, none of the employees even acted like anything was going on. How boring. Downtown it was $75 for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a department store fashion show. Just exactly who are you trying to encourage to come to these events? It's nice the proceeds went to charity, but I still can't afford it!

Instead, I bought a delicious and stylish cupcake from Trophy Cupcake in Wallingford.
 OK, that's enough complaining. I still had fun, but I just want Seattle to try a little harder. I want us to be great; I want this city to be respected by the fashion world. We're slowly getting there. Nordstrom calls Seattle home and we have spawned some amazing, internationally-recognized bloggers and designers. For instance, Adam Katz-Sinding of Le 21 Arrondissement is from Seattle, and Stella Rose Saint Claire, who you may recognize from Lanvin's F/W '12 Campaign, grew up in our fine city. See, we're not born with a love of Polartec, we only succumb to Polartec. Don't give up Seattle!

There were quite few great businesses partaking in the festivities, Like Trophy Cupcake who made special designer cupcakes featuring Chanel, Hermes, Burberry and Louis Vuitton logos.

Madewell had a braid bar and gave me the opportunity to have my very first macaron! It was just as delicious as I had expected :)

Sensing a theme? My FNO centered around baked goods, as opposed to fashion. I did, however get pictures of what I wore.
seattle street style, fleur d'elise, in style, fno, fashion, blonde, pixie cut
My husband hates these pants, which doesn't bother me one bit. After reading a couple articles about pants and interviews with The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine, I've decided that ridiculous pants are my generation's burning bra. They're rebellious and with the right attitude, they project quite a lot of confidence and independence. Also, you can pretend you're in a secret club, because most people, both male and female, just don't get it.
seattle street style, fleur d'elise, in style, fno, fashion, accessories, vintage
Zara top - Madewell earrings - Vintage pants (similar)- Vintage Nordstrom sunglasses - Forever21 bracelet - Tortoise Shell cuff (similar) -Vintage Coach Station bag - MIA Limited Edition Audrey flats



Caitlin M. Peterson of the (ef)Face said...

Beautiful pants! And the tortoiseshell accessories take the outfit to a super-classy place.

And sadly, I don't think there is even any places PRETENDING to celebrate FNO anywhere near my corner of the states... :( Hope you had a second macaron for me!!


gs said...

after i saw the first picture, i was like "i need those pants." men, pfft - what do they know? my husband wears sneakers and jeans....ughhhh.


Thrifted Shift said...

I agree with you about our need to improve FNO. I couldn't justify $75 to participate downtown. So glad you had tasty goodies, though! I love how macaroons have so many different flavors! I love Ba Bar's!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Seattle's FNO wasn't spectacular. :( You would think with a big city like yours it would be a party! I went for about half an hour down in southern CA, but I was shopping by myself so it wasn't very fun. I did indulge in the 25% off my GAP purchase though. Hee hee. And I lovee those pants! They are amazing and yellow, and I would wear them too even if my husband hated them. :) <3


squidword said...

i need those macarons!! you look perfect!! so chic striped top and pants!! love the colors and the sunglasses!!

Unknown said...

love this outfit!is amazing on you!kisses from Italy

ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

what a great outfit! honestly our town doesn't even have FNO or any interesting fashion related event. When it does, it's awful. So I can feel your 'pain'.

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE the look fabulous as always....:)

Unknown said...

Your outfit is lovely! I was disappointed in the Seattle FNO as well. I completely agree with you about pants! I was wearing high-waisted floral pants and even had someone take a picture of them. Some people don't get it, but I didn't care. Loud pants are amazing!

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