Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Photos: California Christmas

Here's a photo recap of our holiday in California.
san jose, northern california, fleur d'elise, art deco, hotel
 We stayed in San Jose mostly, but not at this hotel.

menswear, street style, beard, filson, forestry cloth cruiser
My aunt said "Oh, they have homeless people in California, too." I replied "Yeah, this guy followed us around forever." It's my husband.

san jose, architecture, california
 We had pretty rainy weather for the most part, but it was warmer than Seattle, so I didn't mind.

hotel andaz, napa, valley, bed, hotel, linens, california
 We did  stay in this hotel. It's called Andaz and it's in downtown Napa. probably one of the nicest hotels I've stayed in. Even had free stuff in the mini bar!

yountville, california, christmas, lights, tree
Christmas lights in Yountville

yountville, bouchon, bakery, madeleines, pastry, french, thomas keller
We spent a small fortune at Thomas Keller's bakery, Bouchon Bakery. He is a famous chef, or so I'm told. I'd never heard of him, but I had heard of his restaurant, The French Laundry, which is in the same town as the bakery.

yountville, bouchon, bakery, macarons, pastry, french, thomas keller
 The raspberry macarons were delicious, but a little on the big side.

denim, blonde, pixie cut, short hair, red lips, fleur d'elise, bouchon, yountville
 If it hadn't been for Steven, I would have no pictures of me on this trip (as always).

ad hoc, fleur d'elise, menus, thomas keller, yountville, california
My husband treated us all to a dinner at Ad Hoc, which is another one of Thomas Keller's restaurants. 

thomas keller, salad, ad hoc, yountville
It was a four course meal, but I didn't take pictures of everything, since the cheese plate wasn't as interesting.

ad hoc, fleur d'elise, rost beef, thomas keller, yountville, california
 Waygu beef pot roast

ad hoc, fleur d'elise, sundaes, desert, thomas keller, yountville, california
Toppings for our sundaes. I wanted to drink the caramel syrup.

breakfast, pain au raisin, pastry, bouchon, bakery, napa, yountville, thomas keller
Breakfast: Pain au Raisin from Bouchon Bakery

neon, sign, babes, san jose, vintage, americana, california
 Back in San Jose on Christmas Eve.

We were there for six days and this cat hissed at me the whole time. I've never had that much trouble getting a cat to like me. I even "cat sat" him once, but he just will not get used to me.

fleur d'elise, diy, felted, mushroom, forest, christmas, ornament
I felted this mushroom last year and brought it as a present for our hosts.


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

lovely photos, dear! there's a great giveaway on our blog, check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun holiday! Great pictures, the food looks amazing, especially the macarons! That mushroom is so cool!

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