Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In Photos: Winter in Seattle

I always think of winter as a barren, dark time, but really it isn't. Winter sparkles, winter renews, and even though the trees are bare, the natural world is anything but dead. The absence of the leaves just makes for a different view of the world.

seattle, winter, nature, photography, robins, traveler's joy
I think the berries, in this tree full of robins, are Mountain Ash. The fluffy bits are the seeds of a vine called Traveler's Joy. It seems to be taking over the tree in the best way.

winter, nature, photography, seattle, hawthorne, robin, fleur d'elise
 The birds here are very busy during the winter. The ones that stick around are always clamoring for food. When it gets really cold, some of the chickadees are gutsy enough to land in your hand for a few seeds.

winter, photography, nature, fleur d'elise, seattle
 I love days when everything is frosted over.

winter in seattle, ice crystals, winter, photography, nature, fleur d'elise, seattle
 Ice crystals

photography, seattle, winter, lake washington
 A dock down on Lake Washington

winter, photography, nature, fleur d'elise, seattle, pomes, hawes
The pomes of some species of hawthorn

seattle, nature, photography, lichen

Green Lake, Seattle, foggy, winter, photography
 A foggy view at Green Lake

Elliot Bay, Seattle, photography, sea, Puget Sound, marine life, Alki
 The snow pack hasn't started to melt yet, so Elliot Bay is crystal clear. It looks almost tropical, but, man it does not feel tropical!

Elliot Bay, Alki, Seattle, sunset, photography
Fog and sunset at Alki Beach

seattle, lifestyle, art, diy, craft, watercolors
 I've been working on Valentine's and there are quite a few January birthdays, so some birthday cards are in order, too. I was just using this catalog as a work surface, but this printed lady might find herself as part of an art project...


Kitsune-kun said...

what a pretty place! that robin is too cute!!

Avec Amber said...

Very pretty photos! It has been beautiful, but so very cold! =)

Avec Amber

Unknown said...


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful...so enjoyed the visit! Was that a robin??

vmanchik said...

beautiful! :)

Sarah | Cable Car Couture said...

What gorgeous shots of Seattle, Catie! This city is certainly not devoid of color during the winter (though we have experienced an unparalleled amount of grey with all the fog as of late. Such a great eye. I love the bird photos, these would frame beautifully!! Do you sell your prints?

Cable Car Couture

citizen rosebud said...

We live in such a beautiful place- you've captured so many peeks into its natural beauty!

Lindsay Living said...

Great shots! I love the one with the red berries on the branches. Gorgeous :)

Judy said...

Oh my goodness, the pictures are breathtaking. I can't get over the first picture. It looks straight out of a postcard.

Tara said...

Amazing photos, Catie! You are becoming quite the photographer.

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