Monday, April 22, 2013

Look of the Day: How to Style a Baseball Cap #1

This is the first time since 5th grade that "baseball cap" has found its way onto my wishlist. This one may not be emblazoned with the Seattle Mariners' logo, but it's still pretty cool. I've had it for a couple weeks now and am finally figuring out how to wear it. This week I'll be posting two, maybe three, outfits featuring this blue cap and tips on styling your own looks.

Look #1: Sports Luxe

 Sports luxe makes the most sense, so is somewhat easier to style. Go for clean cuts, modern fabrics, and androgynous pieces. Throw in one or two ultra-feminine pieces to balance it out, especially if you have short hair like mine! In this look I went with a skirt and pointy-toed wedges to give the look a bit of femininity. Update: You don't have to pair it with ultra-fem pieces, but the contrast really is nice!

sports luxe, baseball cap, how to, style, blonde, fleur d'elise, neon, j.crew
 Baseball caps look fresh and modern in solid colors or unexpected prints like retro florals. Sports luxe and color blocking were made for each other. 

sports luxe, baseball cap, how to, style, blonde, fleur d'elise, neon, j.crew, spring 2013
 Another key element of sports luxe is picking pieces that look like they cost too much to play any kind of sports in them. Luxurious textures and fabrics are key, even if they only look luxurious, but don't have the matching luxury price tag :) Here is a great example of what I mean. Tosha looks so sleek, and, with the exception the Alexander Wang boots, the outfit is genuinely affordable!

sports luxe, baseball cap, how to, style, blonde, fleur d'elise, neon, j.crew, spring 2013

Here are two cute options available in stores now:
Biltmore, floral, Madewell, spring fashion, baseball cap

baseball cap, sports luxe, forever21, blue, spring fashion

Thrifted baseball cap - Neon Detroit t-shirt (similar) - Vivilli Textured Knit Blazer - J.Crew Wool Pencil Skirt - Limited Edition Ray Ban Wayfarers (similar) - Maison Martin Margiela for H&M hidden wedges (similar) - Vintage neon bangle


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about integrating the ball cap into my look, but I never really dress sporty as it is, so honestly I don't know if I'd wear it much. I love your take on it though. The heels and pencil skirt are cute with it! <3


squidword said...

amazing skirt and jacket!! great pop of neon!!
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Boheme.Fille said...

I love this combo!

Ladies in Navy said...

gorgeous! i adore the neon blouse
kw, ladies in navy

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Unknown said...

I just can't get enough of this look! My favorite look you've done...the colors, textures, sporty vibe, glitter. ROCK!!! And, it look flawless on you! Thank you for such a beautiful look & inspiration! XO!


Unknown said...

Really lovely look, love the bright neon that you added in there and it's the epitome of sport luxe. In my opinion though you probably didn't need to have the wedge heels you could have gone all out sporty and it would have still worked for me.

That's not saying the wedges don;t work, they work perfectly well. Just saying you don't need to worry about having the feminine pieces, short hair or not.

Unknown said...

so cool! i always see hats i love but then balk at the idea of actually wearing them outside of a jogging scenario - this looks so cool though!

Unknown said...

I love this. So sporty yet chic!!

Unknown said...

amazed by those stuning stilettos super trendy!!!
i stay here, feel free to follow back <3

Kookie B. said...

Love this look!!!

mispapelicos said...

Always gorgeous.
I am so glad to see your comment. I thought you had forgotten all about me, LOL.
Is the watch any good.
I have to buy new batteries.
Do keep in touch.

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