Friday, May 31, 2013

Look of the Day: The Husband Repeller

gingham, fleur d'elise, blonde pixie cut, seattle, street style, spring
 Oh geez, it's been a while. Feels good to be back! May, which is usually my favorite, turned out to be a weird month. Lot's of ups and downs, drama, a poorly dog, and a cold that also came with a bout of lethargy (cough syrup may be to blame). I haven't been totally lazy, I just didn't feel like writing or blogging. I felt like reading, painting, gardening, etc. These hobbies have been ignored for too long. I've almost finished my beetle quartette, which is a small painting I've been working on for years. Am very excited to finally be able to display it properly! 

What a month I have coming up! My sister is graduating from college, which is going to be quite the celebration! It's also my 10 year high school reunion. I'm pretty excited, but am getting nervous as the day draws closer. I am one of those rare nerds that loved high school, so I really want to go see everyone, even if I haven't talked to them in 10 years. I also have a pretty good reason to go: I've lost about 60 pounds since then. Still not completely sure how it happened, but I am so different from my high school self, that it makes it worth going to, well, show off. Why else would you want to go, haha. I am more looking forward to the picnic I'll be having with the BFF's I've stayed in contact with.

Bring on June! More bright days, more barbecues, more reading in the park while my dog rolls in things she thinks "smell great!" 

gingham, fleur d'elise, blonde pixie cut, seattle, street style, spring
 One the outfit: This is one of those ensembles that, as I'm putting it on, I think about how Trevor is going to react. "Oh. Those pants. You know I love them... and that necklace. It's weird." Instead of avoiding these man repellers, it just makes me more confident in the fact that I love them! 

gingham, fleur d'elise, blonde pixie cut, seattle, street style, spring


Thrifted Shift said...

I hope June goes better for you than May! Enjoy your hs reunion- mine was very eye opening. And good for you for dressing for yourself and not for your man or anyone else!

Anonymous said...

Aww...what a reason to go to your high school reunion! I was heavy in high school too and couldn't wait to attend my 10 year because I had lost about 40 pounds. But of course, the year of my 10 year reunion, I had my son and was right back up to my high school weight. :( No jaw dropping there. LOL. So needless to say, I didn't go. I also didn't want to leave my 5 month old son at home. I'm too attached. Haha! :)

I think those pants are very Katherine Hepburn! I love the soft yellow and it looks great with the gingham top! <3


Keit said...

Bahaha, you can never be a man repeller even in those pants! You're too pretty!
And yeah, the only reason why I would go to my high school reunion is to show off. I used to be a very ugly dork. :-D
I adore the whole ensemble, you look stunning as always :-)

mispapelicos said...

My dear Catie, thank you for pinning. I am a step closer to you, my dear gorgeous.

rosaria de caro said...

Nice :)


Ladies in Navy said...

so funny! my boyfriend also has some of those feelings toward my clothes. neon is one of his problem areas. oh well!
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

I am trying to imagine you 60 pounds heavier! No one will recognize you at the reunion. I hope you enjoy it.

Cee said...

I think you're one of the only people I've met who can say they loved high school! Although in all honesty, my reason for hating it was a bit less than conventional... I was bored. I had enough credit to graduate after three years, but my parents wanted me to be "normal" so they made me stay for the fourth year and I nearly went crazy :) Needless to say, I think I'll be skipping out on my reunion this year. But I can't wait to hear all about yours - and see what you'll wear, naturally ;)

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear your May was up and down...hoping June is wonderful for you! :) So glad you took the time to do gardening, painting & important to try to keep balanced! You look fabulous!! XO!


Anonymous said...

I found you on Chictopia and you are just the cutest! Cannot wait to keep up with your bright outfits and follow your blog!
Keep in touch, lovie!

Xo, Hannah

Sandra McGrew said...

The title made me laugh out loud! I love this entire look!! And you totally pull it off! I hear you sister, sometimes life needs a little more attention than the blog which easily turns into a second job. Happy living!! xo

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