Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cheap & Easy Dinner Ideas

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 Whether you're strapped for time or just get tired of cooking, here are some cheap and easy ideas to help you get dinner ready in a snap!

1. Let the spices do the work
No need for complicated recipes and forget that energy sucker known as your stove! With the right seasonings, you can turn simple lunch staples into delicious main courses.
dinner, recipes, ideas, tuna, mexican, tostada

What you'll need:

2-3 tsp  low-sodium taco seasoning -or- 2 tsp hot sauce
2 cans of tuna 
Mayo -or- ripe avocado
½ cup Bell pepper and onion, diced
Salsa for serving

Mix up your tuna like you would for tuna salad sandwiches. Stir in the bell pepper, onion, and taco seasoning or hot sauce. Spread some on the tostada, plop some salsa on top and enjoy!

If you're vegetarian or vegan, you can make the same thing using refried beans. Skip the mayo, and mix the taco seasoning, pepper, and onion into a can of vegetarian refried beans. Heat it up on the stove, then serve it up like you would the tuna or eat it with tortilla chips!

If you have a little extra time, make your own pico de gallo! It's delicious and a great way to get your raw fruit and veg. I add chopped cabbage to mine for more roughage.

2. Get your Omega-3s without spending a fortune
I know that fish is best for you, if you're gonna eat animals, but it's sooo expensive and sooo gross to handle, that I almost always use canned fish. Sardines are your best choice. They are more sustainable than other canned fish, have high levels of Omega-3s and low levels of mercury. Here's a an easy pasta dish featuring sardines and just 5 other ingredients!

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3. Eggs aren't just for breakfast!
I will eat a poached egg on top of just about anything. They're delicious on rice, noodles, beans, sandwiches and even sauteed vegetables! They add a satisfying kick of protein and are a cinch to cook. Not to mention they're cheap! Even if you buy the organic dozen, one egg will cost you less than 45¢ (on average). If you've never poached an egg, here are some simple directions.

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4. Ok, maybe eggs are just for breakfast
If you're not into eggs over beans, then why not just have breakfast for dinner? It's one of the simplest, most satisfying meals of the day, so why dismiss the toast just because it's 6pm? So fry up an egg, slice up some fruit, and enjoy your toast! For more ideas, read this post on breakfast basics made better, or try this simple recipe for peaches and toast.
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