Sunday, September 1, 2013

In Photos: Summer in Seattle

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It's been a gorgeous summer. September is always a bittersweet month.

yellow, summer, flowers

capitol hill, seattle, sunset, summer, lifestyle

summer, seattle, fruit, farmer's market, lifestyle, snowcones, fremont
Fremont Market

beach, sea, seattle, summer, sand, blue sky, lifestyle, neon, swimming
Golden Gardens

stripes, child, hand, blackberries, summer, fruit,
I've never seen blackberries as plentiful as they are this year.

poppies, seattle, flowers, orange, green, gray, nature, gardening, summer, photography
I think I'll miss the neighborhood flowers and my little garden the most.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! The PNW seriously has the best summers! I don't think I'll complain about summer again. Unless I go home to Sacramento! :)


Lubka Henry said...

Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing :))

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