Saturday, September 21, 2013

Look of the Day: Orchid Maxi Dress + Vintage Denim

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Here are a few of my latest thrift store spoils. I found the Levi's denim jacket in the kid's section. Really, I should thank my sister-in-law for pointing it out. It's quite a find! It has a big 'E' on the red tab instead of a lowercase 'e'. Based on the size of the tag inside, the design of the buttons, and the absence of handwarmer pockets we think it was made sometime in the year 1969. I still need to take it to Insurrection in Greenwood to confirm everything, but I'm fairly confident it is that old! Kinda wish it had pockets, though...

The dress is from the 1970s, I believe. I wore it, and the jacket, to the fashion show at the SAM. If you're interested in the dress, it's available through my Etsy shop.

I'm a little sad to see this dress go. It's so pretty, both in print and fit. I have so many floral maxis, though, that I figured I should share. The empire waist is probably my favorite part.

 It has a back vent so you can actually walk in it. It makes it all the prettier, too.

Oasap Sugar Linked Necklace - Vintage Maxi Dress - Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket - MIA flats


Lubka Henry said...

Very sweet classy dress :)


Thrifted Shift said...

Your necklace is making that outfit so cool and modern!

Keit said...

You're so darn pretty!!! *_*
And the dress is gorgeous, love how you paired it with the neon necklace ^_^

Ladies in Navy said...

beautiful! love the fullness of that dress
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a find! I love that that jacket could be over 40 years old and it still looks in amazing shape. Gotta love Levi's! :) Beautiful maxi dress too. It's so pretty! <3


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