Friday, September 27, 2013

Out & About: Beats & Bohos Grand Opening

I'm a lucky girl! I can now call Beats & Bohos my neighbor! They just moved to Greenwood from Ballard, which is most excellent as Greenwood was in desperate need of a cool, vintage clothing store. Really, Beats & Bohos is the epitome of cool, seeing as they also carry vintage records.

Here's a recap of their grand opening.

 Vintage maven and amazing blogger, Bella of The Citizen Rosebud chats with Jean of All Trades and her husband.

 The place was packed with fashionable Seattleites (the girl in polka dots is one of the buyers)

 Photo taken by my sis!

Come have a look around the store, which is located at 7200 Greenwood Ave North. Or, if you're not in Seattle, you can browse their racks via Etsy!


Thrifted Shift said...

You look so cute in that photo! I rarely make it over to Greenwood, but perhaps I'll make the trek one of these days!

Anonymous said...

Oh you're sneaky! I didn't even notice you snapping pix :) I'm glad you got one of Bella, me, and hubby together. That's the only proof I have that we were there.

Coincidentally, I just posted my version of that evening on my blog last night!

citizen rosebud said...

You are rad. It was fun chatting with you, your sis, and very handsome hubby! I'm so glad you went!

Keit said...

Wish I lived there! The store looks freakin amazing!

Unknown said...

The store is so cute! Congrats to them. :) Man, I wish I lived in Seattle. Etsy just isn't the same.

xo Ashley

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