Sunday, October 13, 2013

Long Weekend: The Bay Area Part 1

I took so many photos, and of course I want to share them all, so I decided to split this into 2 posts. You can do and see quite a bit in 3 days!

Packing was a huge success. I managed to wear everything except the extra dress I brought. I wasn't too cold or too warm, which I think is a clue to how well you do at packing. I was certainly more successful this time than when I packed for Tahoe. The trick is pack things you love and are comfortable in, and things that mix and match easily, like basics and neutrals.

Our first stop was a street fair in Oakland. We were all starving and the crowds and low blood sugar made it kind of stressful finding breakfast. 

We finally decided on crepes and french toast at Crepevine. The street fair was a lot more fun after getting some breakfast in our bellies!

local businesses, California, Oakland, shopping, kitchen utensils
I headed straight back to Atomic Garden, a lifestyle boutique we'd passed on our way up the street. They have a wonderful collection of just about everything! Beautiful handmade kitchen utensils, vintage blankets, small batch soaps, towels, to-die-for shoes and bags, washi tape! You get the picture.

local businesses, California, Oakland, shopping, store front
If you're visiting the Bay Area, make sure to visit Atomic Garden on College Avenue in Oakland.

stripes, blankets, home, atomic garden, shopping

Our next stop was 4th Street in Berkeley. It's one of my favorite outdoor shopping centers ever. So many good memories from when my mom lived nearby. And now I have this memory of Tilly. What a darling dope.

mexican food, authentic, california, tacubaya
Taco de Lengua at Tacubaya. 

chocolate, coco bella, truffles
Coco Bella Chocolates alone is worth the trip into the city. They carry the most beautiful truffles and bonbons. Their beauty is only surpassed by their deliciousness! Visit their shop on Union Street for the full experience, or, if you can't make it there, they have a smaller location in the Westfield San Francisco Centre. 

Oakland bound on the BART.

My mom's friend and former professor, Lucia, had us over for a celebration dinner. Her home had a beautiful view and it was wonderful to sit and talk with a woman I've heard so much about. 

Bay Area, Golden Gate Bridge, California, sunset, skyline
One of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen.

More to come...

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