Thursday, October 17, 2013

Long Weekend: The Bay Area Part 2

The morning of our last day, we walked to Beauty's Bagels for breakfast. I could eat bagels all day every day, so I was pretty excited to try this place out. I had a sesame bagel with homemade apple butter and cream cheese. Just perfect.

Tilly had nutella.

The thing I'm most excited about when I visit California is the variety of plants. We've got tons here, don't get me wrong, but California plants are so exotic. This trip I saw olives and persimmons, and the usual lemons, bougainvillea and jasmine. The scent of jasmine and eucalyptus bring back a million memories.

This tree that looks like a set piece from The Neverending Story is a Schinus molle, also known as the California pepper tree. And the other picture is of some flirty butterflies (why yes, that is their scientific name).

Pink peppercorns and their corresponding blossoms

We nearly forgot to visit our favorite shop in Berkeley: The Bone Room. It you're into taxidermy and natural science, then I recommend a trip down to California just to visit this store. They have everything from mounted beetles and exotic feathers, to Victorian taxidermied dogs and human bones. Everything is real, but they also have a small collection of replicas of dinosaur bones and forensic casts.

None of us are in the least bit easily grossed out, so it was off to a french bakery for lunch!

All tucked in and ready to hit the road. And we found a great way to keep her neck from getting sore!


Kitsune-kun said...

waaaa that kid eating the bagel!

Rupa said...

Such cute pictures! wow! Following you on FB.

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