Monday, November 18, 2013

Look of the Day: Floral Mini

vintage, floral, strapless dress, blonde, fleur d'elise

I can't believe I'm selling this dress. It's so cute and was so easy to style, that I'm sort of having second thoughts about listing it on Etsy. I braved the wind and cold to take these photos for the listing and am impressed with how cute the dress looks with a little added texture and contrasting accessories. If you're interested, you better buy it quick before I change my mind!

Another great find that I'm not sure I want to sell? This little Coach-ish purse I found at the Goodwill last night. It's from the Mervyns line of Coach-style bags and it's honestly quite close to being the same quality as the real thing. The hardware is a little squeaky, which is the only way to tell. The leather is gorgeously soft and in tip-top shape. I am trying to think of reasons to keep it other than "It's so cute!"

Last week, I realized that I wear blue about 75% of the time. I love the color and it's super flattering, but it's time to start dressing outside my comfort zone! My goal for my next 3 looks, at least, is to wear other colors. I own them, so it shouldn't be hard!

timex watch, vintage, purse, coach

Vintage strapless mini dress - J.Crew cardigan - vintage purse - Timex Dress Chronograph - Target flats - Forever21 glasses


citizen rosebud said...

Catie! YOU have such a great knack for putting outfits together. I love this look- perfect for a flirty fall- great print and how you've added the sweater and the warm tan purse makes it feel right for the season. Plus you look ADORBS in those specs!

Anonymous said...

Great dress !

Anonymous said...

I wish that dress would fit my bust, because I would snatch it up! I love the print! And it looks so fall appropriate with the cardigan. :) <3


Flo said...

Nice outfit!

visit me too

Alina said...

Gorgeous! I love the bold flower print. You look amazing. :)


Cee said...

I am going to preface this by saying, "Not to be an enabler" because that is precisely what I am going to be... this dress fits you like a glove. I honestly don't think you're going to find anyone it looks more fabulous on than you. So I vote keep it! Plus you styled it so perfectly. I really envy your ability to wear glasses and look stylish; I wear mine everyday but never in photos, I feel like they give me a sort of quirky librarian quality... I digress. This was really just meant to say that you look ah-maz-ing.

Ladies in Navy said...

love your lovely floral dress!

Lubka Henry said...

I love the feminine shape on skater dresses and this floral one is so so so beautiful on you!

Lu ❤

megcasson said...

Oh my gosh you are absolutely gorgeous.
I love your hair and dress.
New follower!

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