Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Out & About: Shop Fleur d'Elise

I have my very own pop-up shop! The lovely Omaima invited me to be the very first local fashion-y person to have a rack of my picks up at Beats & Bohos. For two weeks, my vintage finds and shop favorites will be featured on a rack of their own!

The shop is located on Greenwood Avenue, right on the corner of 72nd Street.

Hurry in, because things are going fast! I already bought that light blue dress you see underneath the sign ;)

 Next to the rack you'll find my stationery sets, calendars, and a little bio in an art deco frame. If you're not in Seattle, but are still interested in my creations and vintage clothes, you can take a peek at them here.

P.S. Have you entered my giveaway yet??


Keit said...

Yaaay, so happy for you ^_^ If I was there, I would totally buy tons of stuff from you :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome and really cool! I wish I was there to come see it in person. :) <3


Lubka Henry said...

These are such great news! :)) So lovely :))

Unknown said...

This is so cool! I wish I could be there to browse through all these pretty things.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Your picks are fantastic- and it's good to have your positive and stylish vibe at B+B. I love seeing your handmade stationary sets there too- hope they sell like hot cakes!

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