Monday, June 23, 2014

Looong Weekend: New York City

NYC, new york, sky scrapers, city scapeupper east side, nyc, new york, city scape
Last week, I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Manhattan.
Let's be honest, if I had a job set up -one that would provide enough for New York rents- I would move to that city in a heartbeat. Trevor would just have to deal.

city, nyc, bridge
 Driving into the city.

new york, city, apartment, paint, old

nyc, hearst tower, city life
In the shadow of Hearst Tower

new york, columbus circle, central park
 Ice cream at Columbus Circle.

My super cool room at Hudson Hotel. Really neat hotel, but if you ever stay there, make sure you ask to not be right over the courtyard, where sometimes drunk people are really loud at night.

new york city, taxi, yellow cab, city life
5th Avenue looking towards Bergdorf Goodman and Central Park

central park, horse, city, bird, pigeon
 Friends meeting for lunch

grand army plaza, new york, central park, statue, city
 Bling statue at Grand Army Plaza

central park, carriage, horse, stripes, street style, child, sundress, new york

new york, central park, hotel, luxury, city, photography
Kevin McCallister stayed here!!

carnegie hill, new york city, nyc, photography, windows, apartments
An apartment building in Carnegie Hill. I was on my way to the airport for the first time. I ended up volunteering my seat, so I didn't actually fly out till the next morning. Delta gave me a very generous travel voucher, though, so I'm hoping to head back for fashion week!

Mt. Rainier, airplane, photography, mountains, cascades, from the air
They sure don't have this in New York.

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Keit said...

Everywhere I go on a holiday, every time there's some drunken arse, every fucking time!!!!
Looks pretty though, love the pictures :D

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