Friday, June 27, 2014

Things: Current Favorites

Who know's what my favorite things will be next week, but here are my current obsessions:

I've just discovered JCPenney's shoe department. I'm impressed by both the selection and the ridiculously-low sale prices. These sandals are $13.99 right now! They're crazy comfortable, too.

Probably my biggest skin care splurge to date, but I've decided my beauty mantra is "Face and feet". I want to take good care of both, so while I have the money, I'm gonna do just that! Argan oil is kind of a miracle serum. It's soothed my itchy, irritated skin (too much make-up? Laundry detergent? Who knows). I use a drop on dry hair to enhance shine and tame flyaways, and it's also healed my split cuticles. Nuff said.

This lipstick is almost neon in real life. It looks much more sensible in the picture. I love it either way.

From The Confectionery in University Village. Just slightly fruity, soft, but not super gummy like a gum drop. They're quite pleasant. I had them at my wedding reception and they're one of the few things I paid full price for.

I bought this necklace off Chictopia a couple months ago. I wasn't sure how to style it at first, mostly because I find jewelry to be overwhelming. Now I've decided to just wear it with everything. Why not, right? It's a total conversation starter.


Keit said...

Omg, I've been wanting a necklace like that since forever. I can't seem to find any cheap ones though :D

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes and that necklace! Gorgeous!


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