Saturday, October 4, 2014

Unintended Hiatus

Oh my, where has my brain been? At work I suppose. I was promoted to shift supervisor, which means my workload has increased, blah blah blah. It also doesn't help that I lost my camera charger at some point this past month. It is no where to be found which is beyond frustrating. I ordered a replacement and it could not get here soon enough. I have tons of stuff I need to list on Etsy! 

 At least I have these photos I took for Etsy to share with you. I listed the zodiac portfolio last week and my sister told me to take it down almost immediately because she was buyin' it. Portfolio and girl were officially united last night. As for the coat, it's the newest moth-eaten addition to my coat collection. It's technically a sweater, I guess. It's made from lambswool that is so soft I don't even care about the nibbles at the bottom.

Ralph Lauren coat/sweater - thrifted oxford shirt - vintage zodiac portfolio - thrifted mom jeans - Target shoes - Madewell glasses


The Slow Pace said...

You looks fantastic! Love your glasses!

Keit said...

You got promoted? Gonna drink to that! Cheers! :D
Love the coat-sweater :D And the cute shoes!!!

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