Friday, April 1, 2016

Long Weekend: Virginia is for Lovers

One of my husband's oldest friends married his long-time girlfriend last weekend, and we had the pleasure of celebrating with them. 

Funny story, she's the 3rd Katherine (she spells it Kathryn) to marry one of Trevor's friends. And then there's me!

It was a morning wedding, which freed up the evening for sight-seeing. Trevor was exhausted, so I drove out to Menassas by myself. I've explored many places by myself (London, San Francisco, New York, Disney Land), and I enjoy having full control over what I see and how long I stay.

This is Henry Hill. It's one of many stops in the Manassas National Battefield Park and the sight of the first battle of the American Civil War. Appropriately, this was also the first Civil War battlefield I've ever visited. 

Growing up, this was my dad's "thing", so I was never too into it. Now, though, I think I would even go to a reenactment. It's a huge part of my family history. My great-great-grandfather, James Nesbit Beatty, was a private in the 81st Ohio and my great-great-great-grandfather, Alexander Nesbit Beatty, was an abolitionist and part of the Underground Railroad. I'm sure there are many other parts of my ancestral past that I would be less proud of, but fighting for human rights should always be celebrated, remembered, and continued.

 It was incredibly peaceful. Not much has changed since the war, but there have been some roads added and the Henry house was rebuilt. This is what it looked liked a few months after the battle.

 After the park, I went to downtown Manassas in search of postcards. I found a few at Propspero's. The whole downtown area looks like a movie set. It's just adorable.

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