How To Stay Stylish While Still Losing Weight

No matter how many weight loss methods you have undergone, none of it can make you look better if you don’t have style. Relax; you don’t have to be a fashion enthusiast. You just need some fat burners and practical tips in order to utilize your progressing physique. In this article, you will discover easy ways how to stay stylish as you are losing weight.

Tips To Stay Stylish

Apply The 10-Pound Rule

The 10-pound rule indicates that every 10 pounds you gain or lose represent an increment or decrement of clothing size, respectively. For example, you weigh 200 pounds and your clothing size is XXL. If you cut your weight down to 190 pounds, then you may now fit well on XL clothes. This is a good way to estimate your future clothing needs. Let’s say you consistently cut your weight by 2 pounds each week. In weeks’ time, you’ll weigh 180 pounds and therefore, you’ll only need large-sized clothes instead of XL.

Ease On Choosing Fit Clothes

Assuming that you lose weight gradually, you don’t have to wear fit clothes always to look stylish. You can still utilize the clothes you have while your size was still a bit larger. For example, you may notice that the pairs of pants you used to wear a month ago suddenly become loose. Instead of buying new and thinner pants, you can use a belt for tightening. If you are out of styling ideas, then that will be the time to go shopping.

Buy Clothes That Are Appropriate To Your Current Look

Don’t shop for clothes that you think you can wear in the future. You can’t know what will certainly happen. You may be losing weight now but you might encounter an unfortunate situation that will make you gain weight again. And the clothes you bought that you expect to wear will become useless. Stop wasting money and your wardrobe space.

Shop Wisely

Let’s say you are still on the verge of losing weight. Your goal is to lose 30 pounds and right now, you’ve lost 10 pounds. If your clothes are loose and make you look unattractive, you may buy new ones. But is it wise to buy branded clothes knowing that you’re still working out to lose 20 pounds more? That would be impractical. Better buy temporary clothes or just be creative with what you have. Moreover, if you have someone with clothes that you can borrow, that would be more convenient.

Seek Reliable Tailors

Assuming you are on a tight budget, obviously you have no spare money to spend on new clothes. If your current clothes are loose because you lost a lot of weight, why not have them adjusted instead? In that way, you can still utilize them without consuming more space in the wardrobe. Pants and dresses are the easier types of clothing that a skilled tailor can adjust.

Losing weight is definitely rewarding when you are in a situation where your health concerns and your insecurities on appearance warrant it. But there’s no denying that looking with style is still the best way of displaying your newly transformed physique. The aforementioned tips not only help you to stay stylish while you are losing weight but also help you to be more practical.

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